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Is Khloe Kardashian Kicking Lamar Odom While He’s Already Down?



It’s been over a year and a half in the making, but it looks like Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are finally ready to officially end their marriage.

KK filed for divorce back in December 2013, but made no moves to get it finalize and at one point a judge even threatened to dismiss the case. Although Kardashian has been spotted with several suitors over the last year or so, she and Odom had even considered reconciliation.

Clearly, that’s off the table now. Khloe is rumored to be dating James Harden and Lamar, who just lost two friends recently to drug overdose, has been dealing with personal issues. Which makes the timing of this decision very suspect. Odom is already distraught over losing his friends and now he’s losing his wife, this has to be very tough for a man who has (and possibly still is) battling substance abuse.

TMZ reports that on Friday both Khloe and Lamar signed legal documents that will officially end their marriage. All that’s left now is for a judge to sign off and that could happen within a few days. Khlo-money is now all gun-ho to get the divorce done, but it’s been reported that Lamar was still holding out a bit of hope.

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