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The police officer accused of  murdering Samuel DuBose appeared in court on Thursday morning and plead not guilty to murder charges and voluntary manslaughter.

Former University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing, who was indicted on murder charges after shooting DuBose in the head on July 19, faced a Hamilton County judge who announced that Tensing’s bond had been set at $1 million.

On Wednesday night, video from the officer’s body camera was released and instantly caused uproar by folks on social media. In the video, you see Ray, who initially pulled DuBose over for an alleged missing license plate tag, pull out a gun and shoot the unarmed victim after asking him to take off his seatbelt.

In the clip, you hear DuBose start the car and then two gun shots. DuBose slumped forward after being struck in the head and hit the gas as he succumbed to the gunshots.

The video, however, does not corroborate with the police report that was filed the day after the shooting. According to Tensing, he was “almost run over by the driver of the Honda Accord and was forced to shoot the driver.”

“I’ve been doing this for over 30 years. This is the most asinine act I’ve ever seen a police officer make — totally unwarranted,” said Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters. “It’s an absolute tragedy in the year 2015 that anyone would behave in this manner. It was senseless.”

Deters also told reporters that “People want to believe that Mr. DuBose had done something violent towards the officer — he did not. He did not at all. I feel so sorry for his family and what they lost, and I feel sorry for the community, too.”

If convicted, Tensing could serve life in prison.

Celebrities took to Twitter to express their outrage following the release of the body camera video. Solange, Kerry Washington and Jesse Williams are just three of several to share their anger and pain.

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They’ve Gone Too Far … This Is Why We’re Finally, Completely, Utterly Over The Kardashians!



It’s like an abusive relationship that we keep coming back to…

Honestly, many of us on the HH staff have been over the Kardashians for years now. Not in a hater way, just in a way that we feel like it is no longer necessary, nor fulfilling, to follow them, like them, watch them or support their various business ventures or brands (many of us never did in the first place, but we digress).

But, for the few of us that did enjoy watching the show or following their social media antics, this most recent ‘KUWTK’ trailer is the straw that has broken the proverbial camel’s back.

We know a few of these chicks are pregnant, but of course, not a baby bump in sight. Instead, Kylie has gone into hiding (not featured in the trailer at all) and Khloe has some big secret and everyone is crying and can’t believe it (pregnancy, duh!). But they way that ‘KUWTK’ plays it’s viewers like fools has just gotten to the point that it’s unacceptable. This trailer doesn’t make you want to watch the show. The trailer makes you irritated that they string you along and pre-produce their lives to achieve ratings gold. It’s annoying and we’re over it.

Oh, and let’s not even start with the Blac Chyna shade. That girl was just getting the last laugh. Let’s not forget what your family did to her first! But anywoo…

Y’all can watch if you want. We won’t be. But I’m sure we’ll see the long-awaited baby bumps on our IG timeline in due time. Until then we won’t be keeping up. (but if you want to see the trailer below)

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