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Iggy Azalea Pays Up To Silence Sex Tape Slinging Ex



Iggy Azalea’s beef with her ex Hefe Wine is finally over, but not before the Hip Pop star shelled out some bucks to make him go away.

Just last year, Hefe was eager to sign off on the release of a sex tape starring himself and a young Iggy Igs. The Houston “rapper” also claimed he was married to Iggy and that he deserved a cut of her massive music fortune. Well, turns out he did get a few dollars, and we literally mean a few.

According to TMZ, Azalea paid Wine a SMALL settlement to squash the whole legal drama. Apparently, it’s not even enough money to buy a Honda Accord. Sheesh! This means that we won’t be seeing a sex tape and Iggy is free and clear to marry her fianc√©, Nick Young.

Congrats, Iggy. You needed this win.

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