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Erykah Badu is one talented woman. But aside from making incredible music, you might not’ve known that the star is a doula. Yes, a doula.

During a panel discussion at the BET Experience, the “On and On” singer opened up about when and why she became birth companion and post-birth supporter. “I started becoming a doula, or started thinking about it after I had my three children natural, in my bed. It catered to me and my needs and who I was and what I wanted.”

Badu then revealed that she helped the wife of Dead Prez’s,, give birth to their son. “I assisted a friend of mine, Afya, she is one of my really good friends. She was having her first son, after I had my baby. And I flew to Atlanta to just be with her. Her labor was 52 hours. No anestesia. We bounced on the ball. We walked. We got in the water. We did all these things.”

Badu will be hitting the stage this week at Essence Festival in New Orleans.

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Exclusive: Diddy Wants To See More Of This On Fox’s ‘The Four’



Fox’s The Four: Battle For Stardom will never have a loser, at least according to panelist and show creator, Diddy.

Every week, singers around the country will fight for stardom by doing all they can to stay in the top four of the singing competition show. But while some might get sent home, Diddy tells HipHollywood that there are “no losers in this situation.”

He explained while at last week’s taping, “the people that lose actually win because people don’t agree with what goes on, so now they have a platform.”

The music is not only out of this world, but it’s also just straight up fun. Host Fergie unveiled to HH, “Your heart beats racing, but we also can really laugh at ourselves and have a good time and be idiots.”

She added, “There’s a good amount of we care care that much to be intense and serious and be invested and want to stand behind these artists; but also at the same time we all like to have a good time.”

Panelist DJ Khaled is all about the jovial antics and banter, but he doesn’t want “nobody taking my kindness for weakness.” He told us, “I’m going to give you the keys and let you know how I feel.”

The show is on it’s way to becoming a world renowned phenomenon. Diddy, however, would like to see one thing. “More rappers,” he told HipHollywood. “Rapers don’t have a relationship with shows like this so there’s not that database. So we are doing something original.”

The Four airs on Thursday night’s at 8pm on Fox.

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