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Find Out When Erykah Badu Considered Being A Doula



Erykah Badu is one talented woman. But aside from making incredible music, you might not’ve known that the star is a doula. Yes, a doula.

During a panel discussion at the BET Experience, the “On and On” singer opened up about when and why she became birth companion and post-birth supporter. “I started becoming a doula, or started thinking about it after I had my three children natural, in my bed. It catered to me and my needs and who I was and what I wanted.”

Badu then revealed that she helped the wife of Dead Prez’s,, give birth to their son. “I assisted a friend of mine, Afya, she is one of my really good friends. She was having her first son, after I had my baby. And I flew to Atlanta to just be with her. Her labor was 52 hours. No anestesia. We bounced on the ball. We walked. We got in the water. We did all these things.”

Badu will be hitting the stage this week at Essence Festival in New Orleans.

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