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If it wasn’t for that underage girlfriend of his, Tyga might be having the worst week ever. The rapper dropped his fourth studio earlier this month, and in that time, it’s sold 2,200 copies. At least he still has 17-year-old Kylie to hold him down once he processes those numbers.

The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty was executive produced by Kanye West, and the entire Kardashian clan promoted it on social media, still, that couldn’t help the rapper’s struggle LP. Neither are reviews like this one from Pitchfork:

“Tyga is the guy in your group of friends who no one particularly likes but is always just kind of there. He spent the past year burning what few bridges he had left—most memorably, in a depressing triangle between himself, ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna, and labelmate Drake—and decorating his Egypt-themed clothing store like an Illuminati VFW hall. His pet Siberian tiger was confiscated by California wildlife authorities. He’s currently dating 17-year old Kylie Jenner; it’s a creepy and presumably illegal mess that doesn’t seem to bother her bro-in-law Kanye West, the executive producer of Tyga’s fourth album.”

Or this one from Reverb:

“Most of the tracks on the album sound like Tyga wrote them while staring in the mirror and drawing up the highest notions of himself. On “God Talk,” he likens himself to king of the mountain over a spastic violin beat and the rhymes affirm that he’s more than reality TV fodder.”

Have any of you purchased this album? If so, what did you think of it? And for those of you who didn’t, is his relationship with Kylie to blame or are you just not fans? Let us know in the comment section.


Tyga responded to a similar article by Complex magazine, saying the album didn’t sell because he was streaming it for free on Spotify.

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  1. Philly king

    July 1, 2015 at 1:01 PM

    lil durk lookin like a superstar after moving 27k or dam can no one sell anything rn or is it just tyga corny @$$ that no one is fckn with?

    • SuckDaGod

      July 6, 2015 at 6:22 AM

      Definitely Tyga Corny ass. Troy Ave too.

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