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Chris Brown Is Free At Last!



We’re sure this isn’t what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had in mind, but thank God almighty, Chris Brown is free at last.

Breezy finally left Manila on Friday morning after being barred from leaving the country due to a misunderstanding. Apparently, Brown was supposed to perform on New Years Eve in the Philipines capital last year, but was unable to make it to the gig. However, the promoters said they paid him his $1 million fee and were pissed they didn’t get their big show.

Well, Chris did show up in Manila this week and hit the stage. Unfortunately, we he tried to leave the government shut him down because the promoters essential convinced officials Brown was a big ‘ol thief. Chris even sent a message to the President begging “Obaaaaamaaaaa” to do something — To no avail.

After a few days holed up in his hotel room, the “Fine China” singer says everything has finally worked out … he’s free to leave the country and is heading to Macau. According to Elaine Tan, a spokeswoman of the Immigration Bureau, Breezy was able obtain the certificate that allows him to leave the country.

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