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Were Karlie Redd And Joseline Hernandez Fighting At A Charity Event?



According to a rumor started by blogger Funkydineva, reality TV “star” Joseline Hernandez beat the snot out of Karlie Redd during a Thursday night scuffle, and at a charity event of all places.

All I know at this point is that they all were at some bootleg azz performance that Joseline was having. What the hell she was performing, only the Virgin Mary knows. Anyway, the people say the LHHATL cameras were rolling and all. Mona is probably in L.A. right now losing her damn mind. Y’all know by contract those hoes ain’t supposed to be fighting.

Joseline is said to have pulled Redd’s weave straight out of her head, and the two allegedly launched vases at each other.

Shortly after the rumor gained traction, Redd posted this video of herself online dancing and singing with a friend inside of a car.


A video posted by KarlieRedd (@iamkarlieredd) on

The VH1 star appeared to be fine in the clip, despite rumors she had been dragged through the mud at the hands of Da Baddest Puta.

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