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Are Daniel “Booby” Gibson and Keyshia Cole recording a song together?



Ex-NBA player Daniel “Booby” Gibson has returned to a childhood passion, rapping and performing spoken word. The former Cleveland Caviler recently released the track and short video, Suicide where he speaks about police brutality, and its pretty decent.

HipHollywood caught up with the 29 year old to talk about his music, and his relationship with his estranged wife Keyshia Cole.

“Since I haven’t been playing ball I’m just getting into everything, rapping acting, spoken word,” revealed Gibson. “It’s just vibe music and a lot of people have been getting on board with what I been doing.”

So could he and Cole record a track together?  “We’ve naturally been talking about it, but that’s a big step being as we’ve separated,” admitted Gibson. “She loves my music, she loves what I’m doing, but in order to do that we first have to get in a better space.”

In recent months the couple have been blasting each other via social media, with Cole most recently calling Gibson out for being a deadbeat dad. Gibson admitted that social media isn’t the place for their marital beef and said they are working on that.

“That’s crazy and it really shouldn’t happen that way, but with social media being so important these days it kinda just happens. We’re in a great space as friends right now, he added.  “I want to keep it that way so we can continue to raise my son the right way.”


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