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And let the finger pointing begin.

50 Cent is now suing Rick Ross over the sex tape that was released of Ross’ baby mama, Lastonia Leviston.

TMZ first broke the story, Leviston filed a lawsuit against 50 claiming that the New York rapper was the one who exposed her sex tape with an unknown man. But in a new suit filed by Fiddy, it was Ross who first posted the visual that went viral. According to Curtis Jackson, the rapper’s legal name, he simply linked to the clip.

In the documents, Fiddy states that Da Boss did an interview with a radio station just one day before the tape leaked and hinted that he was going to put the visual online. Hence, he is the one to blame.

So what exactly is 50 looking for? If Leviston, who claims she “contemplated suicide” after the tape’s release,  is victorious over the 39-year-old, Fiddy is asking Ross “cover most of the judgement.”

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