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Zoe Kravitz is in beastmode and loving every second of it. The gorgeous actress sat down with Flaunt magazine and talked about her upcoming projects, social media and her band Lolawolf.

With several movies in the works, Kravitz says “I’m doing sh*t that I love”! She conintued, “I just wrapped a film mid-January. It went straight to Sundance… Ever since then it’s been nonstop. Press for Insurgent. I have a film called Good Kill coming out with Ethan Hawke. Mad Max press is gearing up. Dope is also at Sundance. That’s coming out in June.”

And when she’s not working on the big screen, she rehearsing with her band Lolawolf who she says is gearing up for a tour and performance at SXSW. While it seems like Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet’s daughter works 24/7, Zoe admits sometimes she has a problem getting things done. “It’s a lot of work. But you have to sit down and do it. My best friend Jimmy, who’s in my band [Lolawolf], he’s such a doer. I like to fantasize about doing it all the time, but he’s that guy that’s like, ‘What time tomorrow? Let’s just do it. Let’s sit down and start writing.’ And that’s how I get shit done. And it’s crazy you’re your biggest enemy, your biggest blockade. But whatever, it’s just like sit down and do it. Nike really did have it right. The slogan,” the 26 year old told Flaunt.

And speaking of Flanut, Zoe did just that in her photo shoot with the mag. Baring her breast and a little butt crack, Kravitz looked flawless in her simply stunning pics.

Flaunt Magazine

Flaunt Magazine

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Tamar Braxton Fires Stylist Over $40 Outfit



Ya’ll already know Tamar Braxton is not the one to try. But her stylist must not have gotten the memo. Apparently he thought it was ok to belittle her for wearing a jumper from Forever 21 during a recent interview and she had to hand him his walking papers.

Braxton let her fans know what went down via her Instagram account and also encouraged women to be confident in whatever they wear.

“The stylist today tried to make me feel “less than” because he didn’t agree that I should wear @forever21..well.. I FIRED him because NO ONE should make you feel “less than” because you have on a $40 outfit!!,” she wrote.

“You are AMAZING and don’t let ANYONE bully you into spending what you have.. or NOT..,” she added. “It doesn’t make you ANY LESS FABULOUS!! You make the clothes!! Your SPIRIT makes you!! EMBRACE YOU!! YOU ARE PERFECT!! NO MATTER WHAT!!

Braxton rocked the City of Angels Camo jumpsuit and a pair of suede Christian Louboutin booties while appearing on Essence Live to promote her new (and final) studio album “Blue Bird Of Happiness”.

Honestly we liked the look and that she mixed high and low end labels so effortlessly. But thats just our two cents.



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