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WTH … Mariah Carey’s New Best Friend Is A What??!!



Mariah Carey has a new best friend and it isn’t exactly someone she can have a girls night out with.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Carey, who is set to kick off her MARIAH #1 TO INFINITY Las Vegas residency on May 6, revealed that her new bestie is a dolphin.  Yes, a dolphin.

“I made my new best friend in the world. His name is Osbourne. He is a dolphin. He is fabulous,” she said.

By the way, Carey’s mere honest remark was while discussing showing her kids around Las Vegas and having the opportunity to swim with dolphins.

In hindsight, maybe a dolphin would be a great best friend because they’d be great listeners. Dolphins have an acute sense of hearing and according to SeaWorld, a dolphins “auditory nerve is about twice the diameter of the human eighth nerve.”

During the conference, Carey also got a tad feisty with a reporter who asked if there will be any backup tracks during her residency. “And there was some speculation here in Vegas that’s just required because there’s so much going on onstage,” the reporter said.

Carey responded, “I mean, I have so many overlapping parts and background vocalists and background things. There’s always some confusion and something about it, but I mean like, if there’s any confusion they’re welcome to come to my house and sing in the shower with me. It’s not a problem.”

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