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Blart is back!

Kevin James and his superb segway skills have returned for Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. This time Blart has taken his talents to Vegas and has enlisted help from comedienne Loni Love, and others, to fight against the bad guys. But when it comes to the Segway, is it Kevin or Loni who reigns supreme.

Spoiler Alert: Kevin kicks a** on a Segway! When HipHollywood sat down with the comedian in Miami, he gave us a few tips to perfect our skills. “Just be away from everybody and don’t let you wheels hit anything … because that’s when she gets angry,” James stated with a smile. The jokester also revealed why he wanted to bring back Blart. “He’s a character that you can root for and he can overcome the odds. People need that,” The King of Queens star explained.

But, let’s get back to the Segway. When we asked Loni about how she tackles the motorized transportation device, she said she just tries not to fall off. “I keep my eyes on the road and I stay straight. I don’t do all those tricks,” Love stated with a laugh.

Whether you love the Segway or not, you might still love Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 when it hits theaters Friday, April 17th.


Michael Rapaport Calls Himself The “MVP Of Talking Trash” Following Janet Jackson Controversy



Michael Rapaport came under fire earlier this month for slamming Janet Jackson Appreciation Day which was on Super Bowl Sunday. But now, he is speaking a slightly different tune.

On February 4th, as Janet fans used social media to praise the singer, Michael took to Twitter to do what he does best: Talk mess.

“Can anybody crying for Janet Jackson right now tell me the last Janet Jackson song that was popping,” he wrote. “Motherf*cka’s wanna make nothing something 24/7/365 & Super Bowl Sunday.”

Michael, however, is slightly backing down from his aggressive words. HipHollywood caught up with the actor during the premier of Shot In The Dark, to discuss not only his ability to talk “sh*t,” but being attacked by Black Twitter.

“I love Janet Jackson, respect Janet Jackson,” he told us exclusively. “The context of what I said is that Janet Jackson isn’t popping now like she was popping in the 80’s, 90’s. Doesn’t mean she’s not an icon.”

Rapaport, who is known to stir up on some drama with his Twitter antics, then added about being a sh*t talker: “I’m proud of the way I talk sh*t, I’m the MVP of talking trash. I can give it as good as I can take it.” 

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