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Let the he said, she said begin.

News of Big Sean and Ariana Grande’s split feels just minutes old, but the two are already at odds over whose deserves blame for the break-up.

On one side, sources say Sean claims Ariana was frivolous with his funds and selfish because she didn’t attend his huge show at the House of Blues during Grammy weekend.

But, folks in Grande’s camp claim that it was actually Ariana that had to foot the bill for private planes and vacations, plus the Detroit rapper’s vulgar lyrics in the song “Stay Down” were embarrassing and ultimately the nail in the coffin. In case you don’t know, Sean refers to Ariana’s vagina in the song saying, I ain’t even gonna lie, “I got a million dollar chick / With a billion dollar p****y / Every time I c*m, I swear to God I feel like I be rich.”

Either, it seems like this relationship was bond to end over something. Even that whole little Justin Bieber stunt seemed to have Big in his feelings.

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