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Ciara Finally Opens Up About Her Spilt With Future



Ciara stopped by NY for a chat with The Breakfast Club on Tuesday morning and finally opened up about the demise of her relationship with Future … well kinda.

While trying to keep it all positive and not trash her cheating ex, Ci Ci said she and the father of her baby boy were “cool”. She went on to say that they chat only when necessary. “We have a child together and I think as a parent it’s important to be able to communicate even if you don’t talk … we don’t talk everyday, there’s no need to, but my son is clearly the connection between he and I and as parents I think it’s important to be able to communicate.”

As for the “I Bet” singer’s relationship with the mothers of Future’s three other kids, it’s pretty much none existent. When DJ Envy and Angela Yee asked Ciara if she ever met up with the other mamas so that the siblings could play she skirted around the question and stated, “I’m really focused on raising my son right now and being the best mom I can be.” However she did reveal that, “there is one mom of the kids that I really got along with very well and when I see her we definitely still get along really good.”

During the 45 minute interview Ci also talked about JD and Tamar taking shots at her, why Charlamagne doesn’t like her and, or course, her new album, Jackie. Check out the full vid below.

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