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V. Bozeman Dishes on “Empire” & New Album “Opera Noir”



If you saw the first episode of Lee Daniels run away hit “Empire” then you’ve seen and heard the amazing V. Bozeman. But the striking soul singer isn’t a newcomer to the music industry. Bozeman has worked with everyone from Ceelo Green to Timbaland, who signed her to his label, and the two are working on the album “Opera Noir”.

“This project “Opera Noir” is going to change black music,” said Bozeman of the album slated for release later this year. “I think what we have done is bring the feeling back into music, that’s what Timbaland is about and that’s what I’m about.”

In the meantime fans can catch Bozeman on “Empire” playing Veronika, and she couldn’t be more excited.

“To be apart of something so big, that is what artists wait for in their career, that defining moment and I think that is one of them,” said V who also plans to release the album “Music is my Boyfriend.” “Im just grateful to Lee, Timbaland, to Terrence, to Taraji, the whole “Empire” Fox family for embracing me and allowing me to be apart of it.”

You can get V’s singles “What is Love” and “Black and Blue” from “Empire” on iTunes now.


Watch: Julia Roberts And Owen Wilson Give Advice To Their 10-Year-Old Selves



To say Wonder is a must see movie is an understatement! Not only will the film touch you and inspire you to be a better person, it will also entertain you from start to finish.

But don’t take our word for it. HipHollywood sat down with the film’s stars Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson who shared their excitement to bring this heartwarming story to life and how they channeled their real-life parenting skills into the role.

“I think we felt a responsibility to be authentically parents and authentically parents to these two kids, said the 50 year old mother of three. “And I think that’s why you really believe these four people are family and are really having this experience together.”

In the film based on the NY times best seller, Roberts and Wilson play the parents of a teenage daughter (Izabela Vidovic) and 10-year-old boy (Jacob Tremblay) with facial differences entering mainstream elementary school for the first time.

When asked if they had any advice for their ten year old selves, Roberts said: “I have a ten year old son and I tell him to run.”

Meanwhile Wilson says he remembers 5th grade vividly, and enjoyed having his brother Andrew Wilson at the same school to protect him. “It helped so much having an older brother who was already at the school, so that would be the advice I’d give, have a cool older brother.”

Wonder hits theaters November 17, just one day before Wilson’s 49th birthday. 

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