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Real or Fake? Da Internz Weigh In On The Nicki Minaj Butt Debate



Nicki Minaj may rap “don’t worry bout if my butt fake”, but whether she likes it or not, it’s still a subject that comes up quite often. Case in point, our convo with Da Internz at the Grammys. The super-producers responsible for Nicki’s hit “Anaconda” gave their take of Minaj’s infamous derriere.

“I don’t care what anybody says, ‘Ain’t nothing like the real thing, Nicki’,” Marcos Palacios, 1/2 of the duo, admitted to HipHollywood. Marcos also claimed, “when I saw it … I made it real with my eyes.”

While Palacios has given life to Minaj’s backside, his producing partner Ernest Clark was a little more critical of the cakes. “I am a jelly connoisseur … I gotta have that jelly,” Clark revealed when asked if he prefers real or fake booties.

What do you think, is Nicki Minaj’s butt real? Does it even matter?

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