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Kanye West Calls Himself A “Servant” In Speech At Oxford University



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Kanye West delivered an epic speech on Monday while addressing the Oxford Guild Society at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

During the rapper’s lecture, he managed to compare himself to Picasso. Yes, Picasso. But the rapper also went on a tangent about the one thing that is often questioned: his ego. “One of my biggest Achilles’ heels has been my ego,” he said, according to The Tab. “And if I, Kanye West,the very person, can remove my ego, I think there’s hope for everyone.”

“People say I have a bad reputation. I think I’ve got the best reputation in the building,” the rapper explained. “They want you to have a reputation of tucking your black nail polish into your pockets and sitting in the corner of the class, and not fighting for your ideas out of fear of being ridiculed. That’s one of my favorite ones … to be called crazy.”

He continued, “I understand that I’m a servant. And with my voice, with my ability to build relationships with amazing people, speak to amazing people,” he said. “Call Elon Musk out of the blue, or call Obama out of the blue … he calls the home phone, by the way.”

For the rest of the speech head over to The Tab. 

Following the lecture, Kanye relaxed and joined and his mother-in-law Kris Jenner at The Arts Club in Mayfair, London. Click to see photos:

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