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Mehki Phifer Wants to Bring “Soul Food” Back?



With rumors swirling that beloved 90s movies like Love Jones and Waiting to Exhale  would be getting sequels, HipHollywood couldn’t help but ask Mekhi Phifer what character from the 90s he’d love to play again.

“You know Soul Food would be interesting to see where they are now, that would be an interesting dynamic,” said Phifer who played Lem in the film alongside Nia Long, Vanessa Williams and Vivica A. Fox. “Have everybody come back for one last Sunday dinner, that would be very interesting.”

We caught up with the 40-year old New York native to talk about his current role as Max in the wildly popular Veronica Roth series The Divergent Series: Insurgent.

“This is my first time doing a film series like this so it’s kind of interesting for me because I don’t know where the character is going” explained Phifer.  “I don’t know where they are going to take him, I don’t quite know what makes him tick yet, but it’s an interesting ride.”

In Insurgent Phifer becomes somewhat of a villain along with Kate Winslet, as they hunt down Tris and Four played by Shailene Woodley and Theo James.

“When you look at Max’s character you can look at him like a general in an army or the marines,” explained Phifer.  “Order and following orders is very key to the success in the marines and the armed forces, so I think don’t think its a bad thing in his mind. I don’t think people will agree, but I think order is a big part of his personality, so I can relate to that.”

You can see Mehki in The Divergent Series: Insurgent in theaters March 20.

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Exclusive Details: Trey Songz Arrested For Domestic Violence + Singer’s Public Response



HipHollywood can confirm that singer, Trey Songz, was arrested on Monday morning on domestic violence charges.

The Los Angeles Police Department tells us that Tremaine Neverson, the r&b crooner’s legal name, was taken into custody around 6:30am. The arrest stemmed from an alleged violent incident on February 18.

We are told the singer was let out on bail, which was set at $50k.

After being released, Songz took to Instagram to respond to the arrest, writing on Twitter:

“For weeks my lawyers & Mgmt have asked me not to comment on this and I initially agreed but this morning I feel that my fam, the women that raised me, my friends & fans especially the youth need to hear from me. I am being lied on and falsely accused for someone’s personal gain”

He added, “I won’t be speaking too much more on this but would like to thank you for all the prayers and support.”

The singer was also clearly unbothered by the arrest because he went as far as to share a string of stories on Instagram, which included him raving about the beautiful day and blasting music throughout his home.

As previously reported, during All Star Weekend, a woman claimed Songz unleashed fury during a Hollywood Hills party after he spotted her talking to another man.

Following the incident, the woman went to the hospital where she was treated before calling police.

The alleged victim’s lawyer, famous women’s rights attorney Lisa Bloom, even took to Instagram earlier this month to ask for any witnesses. “Went with my client today for her second police interview re her allegations that Trey Songz choked and punched her earlier this month,” Bloom tweeted. “Many were present. We need just one to have a conscience and step forward as a witness.”

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