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Drake Sleeps With Lil Wayne’s Girl, Weezy Writes Book About It!



It looks like Drake may be the new “Mr. Steal Yo Girl”.

On the heels of being outed by Chris Brown for smashing his girlfriend Karrueche, it looks like Drizzy strikes again. This time though, he hooked up with his boss’ boo!

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne is shopping a new book and in it he details a time when Drake confessed to sleeping with Weezy’s woman. “Yeah, it’s true. Don’t f*** with her like that cause I did f*** her,” the “Trophies” rapper revealed to Wayne while he was locked up at Rikers Island. Apparently Tha Carter rapper was so broken up about the news that he stayed in his cell for multiple days.

“This is the type of s*** that a man never wants to find out when he’s locked up,” Weezy wrote in his book. “Or, maybe so, cause only God knows what I would have done if I wasn’t locked up right now.” Wayne goes on, “I woke up feeling f***** up about the f***** up day that I had … finding out that she f***** Drake was the absolute worst thing I could’ve ever found out.” And he says, “As a man, honestly, that s*** hurt … and not because it was Drake, it could have been any man. It would’ve hurt the same.”

It looks like several publisher are interested in the book, which means it may be on shelves pretty soon. Would you read a Lil Wayne tell-all?

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