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Gilbert Arenas: Gloria Govan’s $1 Million Ring Is Fake!



Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas says the million dollar ring he gave ex-fiancée Gloria Govan is fake. Govan filed a lawsuit against Agent 0 claiming that he “forcefully took” the pricey engagement ring back from her and kicked her out of their California home along with their four children.

Arenas denied the allegations on Instagram, saying he’s far from a deadbeat dead and explaining why he would never forcefully take back the ring.

“I didn’t kick my family out the Calabasas house. I left and moved into a two bedroom apartment in Woodland Hills as of TODAY, which I’ve been in since January 1st,” he argued, adding that he gives his wife $20,000 a month in child support. “Last but not least, when you have a million dollar ring made you also have a fake one made JUST incase sh*t doesn’t workout. Let’s say sh*t didn’t workout and she has the fake one, no need to forcefully take a ring back if it’s been sitting in a safe this whole time.”

“Why sell it when i can pass it down too my kids? PEOPLE, my d*ck aint that big for everyone to be hanging on it,” he added.

Gilbert also fired back at a sport website that claimed he smoked too much wee. After learning about the list, Arenas addressed the nonsense, writing: “I’m ranked #2 out of NBA players who smoke weed?? I’ve NEVER smoked weed a day in my life lmaoooo … #simpleb*tch.”

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