Kevin Hart Responds To Drake, Meek Mill, Lil Duval Diss

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There are some things a man should just never wear. Comedian Kevin Hart learned that lesson on Saturday after he posted an image of himself rocking a leather vest. Drake, Meek Mill and comedian Lil Duval wasted no time clowning the actor for his wardrobe choice.

“Let’s start a petition for Kev to take this shirt off. C’mon, man. You from Philly,” Meek Mill commented on Hart’s Instagram flick.

“Kevin … no. Please don’t do this tonight,” Drake added, adding that the shirt looked like something Bill Bellamy would rock.

“Maaaaaan, if you don’t get the f*ck outta here wit that full body waist trainer on,” Lil Duval joked.

Hart responded to the comments. Flip the page to see what he had to say in an Instagram video response.

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