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Karrueche Tran: “You’ll Be Seeing My Acting Skills Soon”



Karrueche Tran, who is an actress in the way every waitress in LA is an actress, wants you to know she’s coming for Meryl Streep.

After Tran posted a picture of herself on Instagram alongside veteran actor Danny Trejo, a fan commented on the image, saying it was unfair that Tran is able to land roles on television or film just because she’s connected. Tran, who is in full clap back mode in 2015, wasted no time responding to her detractor with this lengthy message:

“Excuse meeee??? Look homegirl, you may not like me but don’t discredit me. I’ve been working hard taking acting classes and perfecting my craft. Yes I was a stylist before … Anddd?? I’ve finally found my craft that I enjoy and have worked toward it to become better with great feedback. Would I be booking gigs with no talent??! Don’t worry you’ll be seeing my acting skills soon chick. Enjoy your night.”

Tran is starring in another installment of Trejo’s Machete films.

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