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Kanye West Backtracks: “Beck Is One Of The Nicest Guys”



Kanye West is continuing to backtrack from controversial statements he made during a post Grammy Awards appearance on E!. During the segment, the rapper said Beck should respect artistry and give his Album of the Year award to Beyonce.

Now, in an interview with Ryan Seacrest, West says he misspoke. “Beck is one of the nicest guys and one of the most respected musicians in the game so there’s nothing that I would want to do to disrespect him in anyway,” West explained.

“When I said that thing about respect artistry, I think it came off the wrong way, and that was a mis-wording on my part because obviously Beck is one the most respected artists and respects artistry,” Ye continued. “But I felt that even though the Grammys sometimes gives awards to people who you wouldn’t think should win in the category, as a respect to artists, we mention the other artist’s name in our speech. And that was the point I was making about it. There’s like many of times I gave other people my award, literally made them come up onstage. Maroon 5, when they won best new artist, [Adam Levine] mentioned me because it was the College Dropout and [it had] 10 nominations and all that.”

To hear the rest of Mr. West’s interview, hit the play button below.

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