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India Aries Claims Lady Gaga’s Security Guard Hit Her



India Arie wants to make it clear she has no beef with Lady Gaga despite having a brief physical encounter with Gaga’s security guard. The incident went down at Sunday’s Grammy Awards where Arie tried to speak to Gaga on the red carpet.

“@ladygaga her security swatted my wrist – clapping something hard against my turquoise bracelet #Grammy2015 smh,” Arie wrote, revealing what happened.

After several blogs picked up the tweet and made a story out of it, Arie returned to Twitter to reveal additional details:

“Her securty swatted my hand. SHE didnt see me. And my point is not @ladygaga my point is — this is the energy of the Hollywood bubble. I give and expect respect – but some people aren’t like that – and yes I was upset because @ladygaga security guard TOUCHED me. I was not upset because @ladygaga didn’t SEE me. I don’t like being touched aggressively. Period.”

Gaga has yet to respond to the red carpet scandal. In other Grammy Award red carpet scandal news, have you seen the footage below?

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