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Exclusive: ‘Focus” Adrian Martinez On Men Conning Women: “Beware Of Tears”



Alright ladies, listen up. Focus actor, Adrian Martinez has some key advice for how we women can detect if we are being conned by men.

Adrian’s new film, Focus, which also stars Will Smith and Australian beauty Margot Robbie, is all about the art of conning. So during a recent interview with Martinez to talk about the dramedy, the actor dished to HipHollywood¬†about men conning women. “Beware of tears,” he said. “If a guy is telling you how much he loves you and he’s crying about it, that might be a red flag.”

Focus follows Smith, a professional con artist and master of misdirection who falls for Robbie, a rookie whom he takes under his wing. “He’s a lifer in the con game. You meet him in the beginning of the film and then blam, the girl walks in,” Smith said.

And while on the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere, Smith shared with HipHollywood what he learned about the con world. “What was really cool is what the basis of a con is. The concept of extraction and distraction. When you distract somebody now you’ve open yourself up to take stuff away,” he said.

Focus hits theaters Friday, February 27.

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