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Did Kendall Jenner Get Breasts Implants?



It appears another member of the Jenner family is undergoing a transformation. In new modeling pictures for Love magazine, Kendall Jenner appears to have augmented breasts. After careful examination, the implants appear to be digital which is far different than what’s going on with her father.

According to multiple reports, Bruce Jenner has started the transition to become a woman. Bruce is scheduled to reveals details of his “change” during a sit-down interview with Diane Sawyer.

As for Kendall’s sister Kim, she also appears in Love magazine where she puts everything on display for three of four people who haven’t already seen her goodies.


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  1. Starr Azzure

    February 7, 2015 at 7:21 PM

    Why is it acceptable for a woman to expose herself but if it was a man it would be considered a lewd act. There’s nothing special about women exposing themselves for all the world to see. When she’s alone with her husband,fiancee or boyfriend there’s nothing left to his imagination because he’s already seen her naked.What happened to the women who left you wondering. There’s no surprise, uniqueness or mystery with dating or being married to a woman anymore. No wonder why there is so many bisexual and down low men in society today.

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