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Did Diddy Just Punch Someone Else?!



In December, it was widely reported that Diddy punched Drake for stealing his “0 to 100” beat. Now, just two months later, the Bad Boy mogul has allegedly put his hands on someone else.

According to TMZ, Scottsdale police are looking to have a chat with Puff because a fan has accused the music producer of punching him during a Super Bowl party.

Steven Donaldson says he paid $100 to see Diddy but the Ciroc pusher showed up late to the club and spent most of the time in VIP. That pissed Steven off! The pseudo-fan decided to curse Diddy out and that’s when he claims the music man punched him square in the face. And get this … there’s video! Well, sort of. The vid shows the approach, but not the altercation. However, it does shows security escorting Steven out of the building.

Cops were called and Donaldson filed a battery report, but Puffy had already left the scene.

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