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Cat Fight? Teyana Taylor Puts Porsha Williams In Check!



In a day and age where everyone has a “clothing line” this was bound to happen.

Porsha Williams was just trying to get a few extra coins in her pocket by putting the phrase #unbothered on a T-shirt, but apparently Teyana Taylor had the idea first and politely put Porsha on blast for stealing her idea.

Williams posted this pic on Instagram tell her fans to get ready for the special delivery.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 6.02.29 AM

But soon after the post, Taylor hopped in her comment section and let her have it.

No it will not be coming out because unbothered is my clothing line, legally as well & u follow me so I’m sure you know what it is. So you should take this down

“Unbothered” is a pretty popular phrase so were not sure if Teyana can have total claim on the word. I guess we’ll see on February 8th if Porsha release her shirt. In the meantime, take a look at TT’s “Unbothered” line … the two looks are definitely different.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 6.06.39 AM


Chance The Rapper Debuts New Emotional Song 2 Days After Writing It



Chance the Rapper stopped by the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday night and debuted a track he literally wrote two days prior.

During his appearance, the Chicago native expressed that he was going to perform “‘Grown Ass Kid,’ which is an unreleased song from ‘Coloring Book.’” The rapper, however, opted for something a little more personal and timely.

In the untitled track, he raps: “I love television, it’s a pleasant distraction / But just imagine taking action / I love ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ in fact, I’m addicted / But where’s the cop show where one gets convicted.”

Performing alongside collaborator, singer Daniel Caesar, Chance also used his new track to unveil the truth behind fame and how it’s changed his life. “I think my little cousins want their cousin back,” he says. “I miss my mom, I miss my time, I miss my prime, in high school I missed my prom.”

The hook simply states,”When so much turns to too much.”

Watch the full interview and song below.

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