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Big Sean “Kept It Real” With Himself On ‘Dark Sky Paradise’



The wait is over Hip-sters, Big Sean’s album is finally here.

On Tuesday, the rapper dropped his highly anticipated album, Dark Sky Paradise which the Detroit native says is his best work yet. Sean stopped by New York’s The Breakfast Club on Tuesday morning to promote the LP and talk about why this project is so special.

“I just kept it real with myself,” he said. “The last year and a half, I was in and out of relationships, doing all sorts of sh*t that was being broadcasted. I felt like creatively I was in a hole. I climbed myself up and said, ‘Yo, I gotta boss up.’ I felt the potential I had in myself, it was being portrayed as that.”

“I feel like I’ve seen a progression in myself as an artist, as a rapper and I can see in myself I’ve been getting better,” he explained.

The rapper, who just announced a tour with J. Cole, YG, Pusha T and Jhene Aiko, also shared an emotional story about a track on the album called “One Man Can Change The World,” which he says he is most proud of. “Not only because I rapped about my grandma,” he said about the track featuring, Kanye West and John Legend, “But just because the whole meaning of the song.”

“On the second verse I talk about my grandma, she was one of the first female Black captains in WWII. She was one of the first female cops in the D [Detroit.] She was a counselor, a teacher and she was just the best grandma,” he said. “I wrote the song before she passed and I was telling her about it. She was 94-years-old. I was just finishing the album around Christmas and I was going to play it for her but she passed December 20.”

The rapper went on to say that although it was sad, he feels like she still heard the track.

Kanye West, Chris Brown, Jhene Aiko, John Legend and girlfriend Ariana Grande are just a few of several artists featured on the 15-track album.

Check his entire interview below:


Shots Fired: PETA Calls Drake A Fake A** Vegan!



PETA may be vegan, but they got major beef with Drake.

Earlier this month the Canadian rapper made the declaration that he no longer eats meat. And while PETA initially praised his “ethical” decision, they quickly pointed out that although he doesn’t put animal products IN his body he is quick to wear them ON his body. How un-vegan of you Drake!

The oft-aggressive, animal advocacy organization has called Drizzy out and is demanding that his OVO company part ways with Canada Goose. In a letter to the “God’s Plan” superstar PETA urged “the rapper to cut ties with Canada Goose,” a company that, according to PETA, “touts a phony respect for the environment yet kills ducks and geese for their down.” Apparently, the outerwear company also uses painful steel traps to catch wild coyote and use their fur for collars.

Drake has yet to respond to PETA’s demands, but he probably should soon … or he could be covered in red paint by the weekend.

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