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Another Yeezy Rant: Kanye West Pissed Over Beck Grammy Win



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It was like the 2009 MTV VMAs all over again, but instead of interrupting Taylor Swift, Kanye West stormed in on another winner’s big moment.

Singer-songwriter Beck took home the Grammy for “Album of the Year” for his project “Morning Phase”. Apparently, Yeezy felt the honor was undeserved because he left his chair in the audience and proceeded to head on stage and interrupt Beck before he could even begin his acceptance speech. Luckily, it was all a joke … or was it.

During the Grammy telecast, when ‘Ye got to the stage, he turned around and returned to his seat before making a spectacle of himself and everyone in the audience laughed. But during his interview with E! following the little stunt, the rapper sounded pretty pissed that Beck won instead of Beyonce. Take a look at the video below.