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Exclusive: Marshawn Lynch Talks With Michelle Williams & Kevin Frazier



Marshawn Lynch made headlines on Tuesday afternoon after delivering a new, epic response for Super Bowl media day. “I’m here so I won’t get fined,” the Seattle Seahawks star told reporters as they bombarded him with questions. But two people getting more than just the same answer to every question, Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier and singer, Michelle Williams.

Frazier tells HipHollywood exclusively that after Lynch ditched the podium 4 minutes and 51 seconds into the press conference, he and Michelle followed him backstage where the running back was more than happy to talk. “He was backstage with Deion Sanders and he was in a great mood,” Frazier tells us. “Michelle did the interview and he adores her.”

Kevin tells us that Lynch was mainly focused on publicizing his Fam 1st Family Foundation, which is to help improve the lives of kids by mentoring them on the importance of education, literacy and self-esteem.

Frazier posted this photo on Instagram of the Destiny’s Child singer chatting with Marshawn with the caption:

So #MarshawnLynch didn’t want to talk to the media at Super Bowl Media but he wanted to talk to us!!! #etnow#superbowl.” 

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 7.52.13 AM

Earlier this year, Lynch was fined $50,000 for avoiding the media following a game against Kansas City. So to avoid having to cough up more money, he has made the effort to chat with reporters, but here’s the catch: The running back delivers the same answer, regardless of the question. “I’m thankful” and “yeah” are just some of the responses given this season.

During last year’s Super Bowl media day, the running back responded to all questions with, “I’m just ’bout that action, Boss.” Because of Lynch’s ongoing tussle with the media, the NFL threatened to fine him a whopping $500,000 if he didn’t show his face on media day this year.

The Seahawks will take on the New England Patriots on Sunday at 3:30 p.m.

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