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LooseCannon On August Alsina Fight: “Ya’ll Got Me F*cked Up”



In case you missed it, August Alsina and promoter, LooseCannon Slim got into a huge brawl on Saturday night during the State Of Emergency 2 concert at Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis. By the way … this was an event to promote non-violence … figures.

According to videos posted on the Internet, an angry and shirtless Alsina goes after Slim who eventually got knocked to the ground. Apparently, the fight started because 1. Slim was upset that August was late and that 2. Alsina was upset he had to perform before the group, Migos.

LooseCannon took to Insagram on Monday to respond to the fight, revealing in an video that he wasn’t nearly as beat up as some reports suggested.

“Hahaha yall got me f*cked up.. After all that not a scratch on me!! Plus I got right up finished the show, went to 2 afterparties while he stayed trapped in his dressing until the police escorted his ass out!!! Lmao that Nicca left with the janitors!! It’s sum mo shit that happen but u won’t get no news from me!!#Slimlikehimselfwaytoomuchtoindicthimself,” he captioned the video. 

Fabolous, who was set to perform that night, was also backstage when the fight took place. However, it was simply entertainment for Fab.

Check out another video posted by TMZ here.


Exclusive: Here’s The Secret To Remy Ma’s Snatched Body



Remy ma’s mission is clear … drop new music and look good while doing it!

HH caught up with Rem at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors event on Sunday where she gave us an update on her upcoming music. However, while the raptress revealed that she not just releasing one single, but will drop TWO very soon, she also gave us the deets on how she keeps that body right and tight. Let’s just say, it took a great deal of effort.

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