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K. Michelle Fires Back At Lil Kim, Says The Rapper Went “Platinum On PayPal”



It is no secret that K. Michelle and Lil Kim have major beef, but over the past several days, the singer and rapper have been firing grenades at each other via social media. In the latest round of the long standing battle, K. fired back at the rapper after being called “crazy.”

“I will not fight with woman who went platinum on PayPal. Sorry for my late response, I was so busy winning,” she tweeted.

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The singer’s tweet was in response to Lil Kim’s Instagram post on Thursday night, that read:

I wasn’t even going to respond to this insecure pathological lying sick psycho bitch @kmichelle@kmichellemusic I got bigger fish to fry but enough is enough. I need to put an end to this once and for all. Remember this picture y’all right? . This was the first and only time I have ever met this chick. She says I asked her this day backstage to be the Godmother of my child. If what I’m about to say doesn’t convince you of how much of a Looney Tune this chick is then I don’t know what will. You ready for this one?! NO ONE EVEN KNEW I WAS PREGNANT AT THE TIME OF THIS PICTURE… NOT EVEN MY OWN MOTHER!!!!! So why the FUCK would I ask this nobody ass Prozac popping bipolar bitch, tripping over $50 from my girl Paris@whoisparisphillips , who is a good and loyal friend, to be my child’s Godmother. Case closed. I don’t want to hear about this shit again. You’re done. And as far as you talking about the presence that I grace in front of peasants like you. Surely jealousy and hate is the reason why haters like you attack my image which never stops nothing!!! Cause I’m moving out here!!! and niggas love me!!!! Chicks like you who pretend to love me just really wanna be me. My mother always told me never argue with a crazy person because from a distance you can’t tell who the crazy one is. So stop trying to use me as a respirator to sell whatever you got going on at the time but I am into giving back to the community so here’s my charity donation to you. I heard you dropped an album and I wish you all the success in the world and I hope you sell a ton of records. Let’s get ready for the new year y’all !!!!

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  1. sunni_daze

    December 12, 2014 at 8:36 AM

    Where is K. Michelle’s grammy?….I’ll wait. Does she have fans that have been rocking with her for 20 yrs?….I’ll wait.

    • vfocused

      December 13, 2014 at 10:40 PM

      Wont be Grammy in February but Grammy 2016 she should have one. Just dropped her album Tuesday so….. Fans been rocking about 8 years. She’s only 30 yrs old. You wont have to wait too long. AWBAH will be at the top of the charts next week. She is not pushing 40 and just coming into the game. This is only her 2nd album and she has sold more than others in her category except Bey and Rih and maybe Mary. Don’t hate too quick. Check Billboard for K news and everywhere else. Don’t let your hatred make you sleep on good r n b that we used to hear that has been missing for a long time. K is mega talented. Listen to AWBAH in its entirety and Rebelious Soul if you haven’t already and then comment.

      • sunni_daze

        December 15, 2014 at 6:24 AM

        I don’t think she is every going to get one. Her mouth is her problem and she has made too many shady and uncalled for comments about stars and exec bigger than her. And with 8-10 years of fans is nothing to an artist who has had a following for 20 years.

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