Exclusive: Tinashe Responds to the Beyhive’s Vicious Attack!

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Tinashe felt the wrath of Beyonce’s stans and it was intense!

It all started with a harmless, albeit dumb, tweet from Elle magazine. In an attempt to generate buzz about their article featuring the “2 On” newcomer, they prematurely compared her to Beyoncé.


Well, that sent the Beyhive buzzing with anger and they immediately let Tinashe know that she is no where near the level of their queen. “I was just like whoa … whoa, the Beyhive went crazy,” the “Aquarius” singer told HipHollywood after her performance at Power 106’s Cali Christmas. Don’t worry though, Tinashe is taking it all in stride, “It’s better than them just not thinking it meant anything I guess, right? I don’t know. Whatever.”

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