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Was Tyrese Kicked Out Of A Dubai Nightclub Because Of Kim Kardashian?



Tyrese was reportedly kicked out of a Dubai nightclub this week after partying with Kim Kardashian.

The singer, who is in town for the Formula 1 One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, apparently wound up at the same nightclub as Kardashian who is vacationing with her friends. Usually, this wouldn’t sound too crazy right? But according to gossip site Media Take Out, Tyrese was booted from the venue because of his interaction with Kardashian.

A source tells the news outlet that a “rich” man who was with Kim didn’t “like what he saw,” so he had the singer kicked out. It’s unclear what made the man upset … And the story honestly sounds a little shaky at best.

What we can confirm is that Kim is having a blast in Dubai and that she partied with Fast and Furious star, Michelle Rodriguez. The reality TV beauty posted a series of images on Instagram of herself with Rodriguez, her makeup artist Joyce Bonelli and Carla DiBello yachting.

Click to see the pictures.

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  1. Tellin' It As It Is...

    November 21, 2014 at 11:44 AM

    The narcissistic personality disorder known as DimKim is just a slapper… When the news broke of those actresses leaked nude pictures a couple of months ago, she was trying to get herself included into the iCloud iCrowd A-list Hall of Shame… with her BLACKBERRY! Lol!

    Rumors at that time had been rife about her nude pictures being sent to another guy… and NOT Kanye… She needs to come with a Bio Hazard Warning Sticker.

    So Kanye… are you still gonna be singing “I Won” about your bruk down tarnished Street Walker of Sunset Blvd tarnished ‘wife’ now?

    • live and let live

      November 21, 2014 at 11:03 PM

      You sound pressed Kanye says he loves Kim and he married her. So he can sing I Won from now till the end of time so why does it matter to you?

      • Tellin' It As It Is...

        November 22, 2014 at 9:53 AM

        Actions speak louder than words and we’re all being fed a whole lotta camel droppings about these two…

        Lol! she was even seen going to her divorce lawyers shortly before those hideous pictures were foisted onto the public; and after claiming to be ‘missing’ her child whilst in Australia [Nov 16] she’s now hanging around a rich man [NOT her supposed ‘husband’] like yet another high-priced $500k escort [remember Richard Lugner the 82 year old Viennese billionaire?]…

        It matters to me because young children are being defrauded by her with her video game; and think it’s acceptable that their total sum of their self-worth and self-esteem can be measured in exposing their private parts [she’s even given the OK for her BABY daughter to do the same thing]…

        And Kanye, as a black man whose popularity ratings according to Q Scores has dropped by over a staggering 66% [to a paltry 3 points from a high of 19 beforehand] since his association with DimKim, is being made a total fool of by her.

        No one else wanted her after Reggie eventually kikked her to the kerb, due to her media-manipulating; fame-hungry; publicity-seeking; money-worshiping ways; so she was quick to make sure to get an elevated social status; access to all his contacts; and an ‘insurance policy’ out of him [within 6 short months of publicly being with him and whilst still married to another man] when the ‘love of her life’ Reggie Bush announced Lilit was pregnant with his child…yet look at how she continues to neglect her own child since she was born.

        I ain’t gonna be apologizing for being passionate and giving a ‘back story summary’ about the fact that we’re being fed a continuous diet of nauseating nonsense about these two vacuous, narcissistic and self-absorbed entities; whose only contribution to humanity is polluting the internet with their lies; contradictions; over-inflated egos; delusions of grandeur; stoopidity; lack of class; etiquette; self-respect and intelligence.

        I hope that answers your question… have a good day!

        • Jade

          November 23, 2014 at 11:16 AM

          And you believe that shit? I’ve got a strip of land that’s real cheap want to buy that?

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