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Tank Regrets Lashing Back On Instagram



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R&B singer Tank finally had enough when he went in on an Instagram follower, regarding comments that were made about his girl friend, Zena Foster. A follower came after her commenting,

When people post things in an open forum it allows the public to freely express themselves … She looks like a man in the face.”

Tank quickly defended Foster and replied back to the social media user writing:

“Then I’ll express myself. What is this chiapet hair wig you have on? Totally ill advised! Your chin! Think we can get that shaved down? I know a few doctors that do great work. I’m sure that outfit works too so I won’t even ask the designer. After all these things get taken care of then maybe just maybe someone will get you pregnant and you too can do a pregnancy shoot AND everybody can talk crazy about you! God bless.”

But after some reflection the singer regrets giving into his haters. “Yes, actually a little bit, I do. For some one who looks up to Tank, that’s not something I want them to see me like that”, he told us at The 2014  Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas while he was preparing to perform his Kool and The Gang Tribute.
“I am performing “Get Down On It”…music I grew up listening to, iconic figures, and it’s amazing to be able to honor them”.
Tank is in full swing working a new R&B album set to out next year, that is more R&B Thug than it is his usual sweet love songs.
2015 is already shaping up to be a good year for the singer, as his baby boy is due in January and he has plans to have 5 more as soon as possible, click over to the next page to find out exactly how he plans to pull that off!

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Exclusive Details: Kevin Hart’s Mistress Montia Sabbag Speaks + How Long The Pair’s Relationship Lasted!



It was a media frenzy outside of the Bloom Firm offices on Wednesday morning all thanks to Kevin Hart’s mistress, Montia Sabbag, who decided to speak out about the latest extortion scandal.

An emotional Montia stood alongside famous lawyer, Lisa Bloom, to talk about the night she was caught on camera being intimate with the married comedian. “I was involved with Kevin a month ago,” she said during her opening statement.

The aspiring actress then went on to emphatically state that she is not the culprit behind the now viral video making it’s way around the web. “I’m not an extortionist,” she said.

The alleged victim also shut down media reports that she is an exotic dancer. “I am not a stripper,” Montia proclaimed. “I’m a recording artists and an actress and I have to broken any laws. I had nothing to do with these recordings.”

Sabbag concluded her on camera statement by apologizing for “any involvement I had in this.”

As for how the two met — HipHollywood got down to the burning question when we sat down one-on-one with Bloom. “They met on the way to Vegas,” she explained. “It was a brief relationship, it was only a few days. It happened spontaneously. She didn’t know she was going to be meeting him.”

As for what’s next, Bloom plans on going to law enforcement so that the case can be investigated thoroughly.

She also tells us their goal is not to get money from Kevin. “This is not about money. We are not suing Kevin Hart. We are to not making any claims against Kevin Hart … he’s not the bad guy here,” she said. “The bad guy here is the criminal who put a camera in that hotel room and secretly recorded intimate moments.”

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