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Tank Claps Back At Fan Who Suggests His Girlfriend Zena Foster Looks Like A Man



Tank took to social media over the weekend to defend his longtime girlfriend Zena Foster after a fan suggested she looks like a “man in the face.”

On Sunday afternoon, the singer posted a stunning snapshot on Instagram of his pregnant gf in the nude with the caption:

“And then God made woman to give life beautifully.. @zenafoster there are no words for what this represents.. I love you. Happy Sunday!”

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 7.41.40 AM

In response to the photo, a fan wrote on the r&b stud’s page:

“When people post things in an open forum it allows the public to freely express themselves … She looks like a man in the face.”

Tank quickly defended Foster and replied back to the social media user writing:

“Then I’ll express myself. What is this chiapet hair wig you have on? Totally ill advised! Your chin! Think we can get that shaved down? I know a few doctors that do great work. I’m sure that outfit works too so I won’t even ask the designer. After all these things get taken care of then maybe just maybe someone will get you pregnant and you too can do a pregnancy shoot AND everybody can talk crazy about you! God bless.”

Lesson learned … Don’t ever come for Tank’s woman.

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