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Solange Breaks Out In Hives At Wedding, No It’s Not Jay Z’s Fault



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Solange was simply flawless on her wedding day and there are about 1,000 pictures to prove it … just see here and here. But, unfortunately between the bike rides and festive second line, Solo broke out in hives!

Now, a certain shady blog is trying to point the finger at Jay Z suggesting he poisoned his own sister-in-law. However, the real story isn’t some crazy Law & Order plot line. Solange just had an allergic reaction and broke out in hives … that’s it. No, Jay isn’t trying to get revenge for elevator-gate, he didn’t poison her gumbo and he isn’t trying to secretly kill her (extreme side-eye to the folks who believed that in the first place).

Head over to the next page to see the only less than perfect photo of Solo on her wedding day — hives and all.

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Becky With The Bad Braids: Meghan McCain + 8 Other Epic Braid Fails



White folks rocking corn rows and braids is nothing knew, but Meghan McCain’s recent hair do while on The View had us shaking our heads.

Besides the fact that it’s Black History Month and they should put a pause on the cultural appropriation, it was just a bad look on Meghan. The Republican co-host (or her stylist) thought it was a good idea to put three cornrows in hair with a super teased pompadour in the middle section.  And to make matters worse the braids were chunky at the top and super thin towards the end. Sigh.

Clearly this was not a black hair dresser because if it were they would have at least added some hair. Instead they had Meghan out here looking like a character from Game of Thrones. Or maybe that’s what they were going for. Either way it’s a no for us dawg.

It was also a no for us when Christina Aguilera decided to get dirty and rock “medusa” braids to the World Music Awards in 2001.

Then sometime in the 2000s Fergie thought being apart of the Black Eye Peas gave her a pass to wear corn rows.

Kevin Federline also thought since his baby mama (Shar Jackson) was black he could walk around looking an NBA player. Deep sigh.

Melanie Griffin looked a hot damn mess rocking braids with beads and foil on the ends in 2000.

Ke$ha made us cringe in these colorful braids with knots the size of our knuckles.

Kim Kardashian also had us screaming girl bye when she first attempted to rock braids like Bo Derek.

Lena Dunham tried it with these pitiful plaits during her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

And Coco almost got a pass until she decided to call her braids the “Coco swoop”.



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