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Royce Reed Accuses Dwight Howard of Child Abuse



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Former reality TV star, Royce Reed has made some startling accusations against the father of her child, NBA star Dwight Howard. Reed claims Howard beat their six year old son Braylon with a belt and left bruises and abrasions!

Royce went to child services in Orlando, Florida to report the abuse, then took Braylon to a medical center to be evaluated.

Surprisingly, Dwight confessed to hitting his son with a belt, but says it was standard discipline that he also experienced growing up. He adamantly denied abusing his son. According to TMZ, in response to Reed’s claims, Howard’s lawyer filed legal docs claiming he never caused marks, bruises, welts or injuries requiring medical treatment.

Children’s Services sided with Dwight and closed out the case after determining no serious injuries took place. But, that’s not all. Howard has now filed for full custody of his son citing that Royce is an unfit parent who gives their child psychotropic drugs just so she can have a “chemical babysitter.”

Howard’s rep tells TMZ, “It is troubling to see a mother use her son as a pawn against his father,” and that Dwight will do “whatever is necessary to protect [the child’s] welfare and best interests.”

Meanwhile, the former Basketball Wives star took to Instagram and revealed who she felt about the allegations against her. Click over to the next page to see Reed’s post.

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Dr. Heavenly Explains Her ‘If My Husband Cheated He Didn’t Mean To’ Philosophy



Dr. Heavenly Kimes has an interesting philosophy on cheating … but then again we’re not surprised.

If you watch Married To Medicine then you know the successful Atlanta, GA dentist dotes on her husband, who she affectionately calls “daddy” and the two have a pretty solid marriage.  So much so, that Kimes believes if he ever cheated on her he didn’t mean to do it.

Kimes made that proclamation after news broke that Dr. Jackie’s husband was having an affair, and of course she had the ladies scratching their heads. HipHollywood sat down with her to get more insight on her viewpoint. Here’s what she had to say.

“I said something that I think a lot of people feel but would not say it, because it’s not a politically correct thing to say,” she explained. “I said if my husband cheated he would not mean to do it. I stand by it, it may sound silly, it may sound funny, I’m not trying to be funny, I don’t think he would have meant to do it.”

“I can’t say it was her, I’m not going to put it all on her, but it had to have been something to make that man go that far,” she adds referring to the other woman. “Maybe I’m naive but I don’t think my husband would just cheat on me and mean to cheat.”

To her credit, Kimes is also a certified relationship coach and has been dishing her advice (solicited or not) to the other wives since season 2. She ended her explanation comparing cheating to a person on a diet. The analogy was pretty hilarious, but actual made a lot of sense.

“I like to compare sex to food because they go together,” she says. “If you’re hungry and you know you’re on a diet and you’re really really trying really hard and somebody comes with a buffet of your favorite foods and lays it all out for you and starts putting … you didn’t mean to eat it but you ate it.”

So do you agree Heavenly? Let us know in the comments below.


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