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LHHH’s Morgan Hardman Denies Being “Laid Flat Out”




We are now learning more information about Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s reunion show fight that took place on Tuesday night in New York.

As previously reported, the show’s co-stars Princess Love and Morgan Hardman got into a physical altercation over Princess’s boyfriend, Ray J. According to TMZ, Morgan was speaking ill about Princess as well as Ray, claiming that he abused her and that he kicked her son off of his basketball team. Per the  news outlet, Princess became infuriated and “cold-clocked” Morgan, knocking her on her back. Paramedics were called to the scene where they treated Ray’s former assistant for injuries.

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But in an Instagram video posted by Morgan, the reality star slammed TMZ’s report, suggesting that she didn’t get “laid flat out.”

“Lol now we all know Ray J relationship with TMZ he can have anything posted lol laid flat out lol,” she wrote on IG, posting a snapshot of the news outlet’s article. “Good one make sure everyone checks out the real story on the breakfast club tomorrow morning the truth behind my son and every other lie they tell I will keep telling the truth and keep praying for this man to get help.” “They love to lie and I’ll keep killing them with truth. Let’s go,” she also wrote.

HipHollywood recently caught up with Morgan to talk about some of the drama surrounding she and Ray. During our chat, the star admitted to being physically abused, insinuating that it’s the reason why she left Ray. “There’s a difference from a man hitting a woman from being provoked, and a man just beating a woman,” Morgan said. “In my experience, I’ve seen certain girls with their boyfriends try and make them hit them. And I’ve seen girls that are just very vulnerable and their getting their a**es whooped.”

She added, “I definitely want to be that voice. You can get away. It’s not going to stop. That first time. ‘I’ll change, I’ll change.’ I heard that for five years then I heard it for three years.” Click to find out what Hardman also told us about still loving Ray.

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