Monica Embarks On New Career Path!

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By all accounts, Monica is living the good life. A successful music career, NBA baller hubby, three beautiful kids … it really is the American dream! But, that doesn’t mean Monica isn’t striving for more. The stellar singer now has a new goal — she wants to be a nurse.

Monica announced her nursing aspirations on Instagram by posting a picture of herself wearing scrubs and a message about never giving up.

I have other dreams and aspirations so I Pursue them when my babies are asleep & my musics done!! Moral of the story #WeCanIfWeBelieve never give up on your dreams #YOUCAN #BeenAtWorkSince7yesterday #ThankGODforMyMomAndPa #ScrubsAndAMandatoryThermal #DatHawkBITIN LOL #UKnowItsColdWhenIGetThisPale LOL

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Mannnn, could you imagine showing up to your doctor’s office and MONICA was your nurse?!

The “So Gone” singer is readying new music and helping to heal the sick … such an inspiration!

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