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Marlon Wayans Thanks Kanye for Kim Kardashian’s Nudes



Marlon Wayans is thanking Yeezus for Kim Kardashian’s new photos in “Paper” magazine. HipHollywood caught up with the comedian at the premiere of “Beyond the Lights” and he had this hilarious commentary about Kanye’s wife, and her “buttery” assets.

“Someone just showed me all 25 states that were inside her butt lathered with butter,” joked Wayans. “That’s what I always fantasize about , it’s good to know that that I can think it and boom it shows up on Instagram. Kanye we are going to be doing disgusting things thinking about your wife now, and I’m sorry … it looked good.”

Kim “broke the internet” when photos of her butt and full frontal pics were posted online from her spread with Paper Magazine this week. We can only show a couple of the racy photos. Check them out (if you already haven’t) after the flip.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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