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Is Apollo Nida Harassing Phaedra Parks From Jail?



Things are going from bad to worse between Phaedra Parks and her incarcerated husband, Apollo Nida.

As seen on the premiere episode of season seven of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Apollo spent his last days as a free man arguing with his wife and declaring all out war. Now that he’s in jail, Nida can’t even get Parks to answer his calls. But that hasn’t stop the hunky convict from finding another avenue to reach out to his estranged with.

According to Hollywood Life, Apollo has put pen to paper and wrote a scathing letter to Phaedra, one in which he calls her “a b*tch, selfish, fat, conceited, and a wife that ain’t loyal.” The HL source says, “[Apollo] even told her that if it wasn’t for their kids, he wouldn’t care if he saw her fat a** ever again.”

But don’t feel bad for Phae Phae, the source reveals that after reading just a few lines of the letter she ripped it up and threw it away. Parks is focused on raising her two young sons and has refused to take Apollo’s calls because she doesn’t want to waste the money.

Looks like it’s going to be a looooong eight years asunder for Apollo.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Shaela

    November 17, 2014 at 9:33 AM

    Yes, soon he will resort to trying everything Stanton has done to hurt his wife and children even further, as he has already began to do. He is implying that he did what he did because of bills Phaedra hit him with after saying that she was financial secure in order for him to marry her. Prior he said he did what he did because he was trying to keep up with everyone on RHOA. Later he said he did it because he could not buy a hamburger when she was out of town.

    So at present, what emerges is Phaedra was out of town a lot, as she said in her deposition.

    I am sure as a grown man he should be capable of speaking to his wife and let her know he needs food in the house when she is away, if there was none, and that should have been enough to handle that situation. He could have also made an attempt other than ride his wife for his breaking the law, while holding her in contempt for his lack of of being an independent adult and securing a credible means of income so that he could be able to eat even if she was not at home. Apollo could have gained employment at McDonalds, and ate everyday on their employee meal plan plus had gas money to get back and forward to work and to other places as well. Working at any hotel would have also been an option. This guy has no hustle yet has no problem making children when he can not feed himself or purchase protection so that he does not add to his lack of income issues as a man who is already having difficulty securing employment that is not attached to his wife legal avenues of celebrity status. There as well there is just so much he will be allowed to do as he is a felon.

    Apollo is doing all this talk about what he did do. If Phaedra has all these cash issues and no money he does not think that it will be indicated from her tax records? Yes it would, it would show that she had more money going out than she had coming in on her balance statement. If those bills were paid,than she had outside assistance from Apollo. If those bills were paid from her own bank accounts, he did not help and has that money stashed, other than what he spent on clothes, food, and any other resource than he acquired while living with Phaedra.

    For people to believe that the FEDS cannot determine what goes out and what comes in is ridiculous. Until she is charged with a crime, Apollo did what he confessed to and should not be throwing stones at his own children’s roof! Which he did not contribute to it being there other than being married to their mother and riding off of her status. He could have chosen to remain in the background and get his act together legally while his wife did what she needed to do to supplement his lack of income. He could have said I do not think it is a good idea to go on RHOA being that he was a felon.

    Where is Apollo’s own conviction for his own bad choices he made as an adult? Does that still belong to every female who gave two cents about him in his mind at this stage in life? It appears so for someone who is use to getting by on his looks, and not his capabilities. Time to grow up Apollo, you are grown and should have learned from your past at this stage of your life.

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