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“I’m Not Gay No More” Singer In Legal Battle With The Church



“I’m not gay no more” has officially become the statement of the month. In case you missed it, a man named Andrew Caldwell attended the 2014 COGIC Convocation in St. Louis and revealed that he had been “delivered” from homosexuality.

The video quickly went viral and became one of the most talked about clips of 2014. Caldwell’s testimony became a hot topic amongst people of all beliefs, but it recently turned into a legal matter after Caldwell created a song out of his testimony.

Music and lyrics were added to the sermon and the song, which we have to admit is pretty catchy, went straight to iTunes. (It’s worth noting that it did very well on iTunes.)  The problem is, Church of God In Christ is not happy.

TMZ first broke the story, the church is ordering Caldwell to stop selling the song because not only do they “own the audio” but they feel he is making a “mockery out of the service.”

But according to Andrew, not only does he have the copyright ownership of the song, but because it’s his voice, technically the audio is his.

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