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Iggy Azalea Shows Her Crotch To Underaged Boys



Iggy Azalea just can’t catch a break.

Over the weekend, the “Fancy” rapper suffered a wardrobe malfunction while performing at … wait for it … a Bar Mitzvah. Iggy, who was asked to perform at a fan’s coming of age party in Los Angeles, was dancing to she and J.Lo’s hit song “Booty” when she crouched down and oops … Her pants split right down the middle.

This usually wouldn’t be an issue, but it appears as though the singer had NO CLUE the malfunction happened. So she continued to show her sexy dance moves while also showing her southern region.

Welp, what better way to usher into manhood than to see a Iggy’s crotch?!

Check out the video below:


“I Cried A Lot”: Snoop Dogg’s Gospel Album Helped Him Through “Sad” Times



Thugs gotta cry too.

In a moment of vulnerability, Snoop Dogg opened up to HH about how sometimes he gets a bit down, “I cry. I’m sad a lot,” the legendary rapper told us. Life’s “problems and issues” sometimes weigh on the 46-year-old, but thankfully, his new project, Bible Of Love helped to lift his spirits.

The double-disc album, 32-track, gospel album is the first of its kind from Snoop, and while not everyone is receptive, the Doggfather knows he’s fulfilling his purpose. “I stepped in the world (of gospel) to say, hold on, let me take my light … and put it on this gospel gang with some of the most extraordinary singers you’ve ever heard in your life,” Snoop stated.

And that he did!

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