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Tyrese Responds To “Baby Boy” Gay Allegations



Tyrese released a lengthy video post on Tuesday slamming comedian Spanky Hayes for alleging that the r&b singer engaged in sexual acts with a higher up from the 2001 film, Baby Boy.

During a recent airing of the Spanky Hayes Show, the comedian revealed that he too went out for the role for Joseph Summers (aka Jody), but Tyrese was victorious because the TGT singer agreed to perform sexual favors for somebody (possibly director, John Singleton) casting for the film.

Tyrese fired back at the comedian in an eight minute video explaining how incredibly false the information was. He delivered “factual facts” and even confirmed that the role was originally meant for Tupac.

“There’s some dumb a$$ people in the world … What man wakes up and says ‘today, I want to end my career … Today I want to commit career suicide,'” he said.

“First of all you claim that there was an audition with thirty men, that’s a lot of dudes fighting for one role. Let me tell you something you don’t know, the role for Baby Boy was written for Tupac.”

“I did audition, but it wasn’t an audition that you claim I did. The audition I did was me who already had the role for Baby Boy, showing for an audition to find the woman who ended up playing my mother, and we discovered my favorite woman in the whole world, Taraji P. Henson.”

He continued, “You’re a comedian, but you ain’t funny … I want to just tell you something homie. It’s over. You didn’t have a career first, but it definitely just ended.”

Tyrese also defended Morris Chestnut who Hayes also eluded to engaging in physical acts with other men.

Haye’s responded back by simply posting the video of Tyrese on Twitter with the hashtags. #4pac and #lol.



Oprah Loved Being A Braided Blonde Bombshell In ‘A Wrinkle In Time’



Oprah Winfrey is a blonde bombshell in Ava Duvernay’s “A Wrinkle in Time” and she loved every minute of it. HipHollywood sat down with the media mogul along with Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling to talk about playing the Mrs. and their elaborate hair, make-up and costumes.

“Girl we had hair for days,” gushed Winfrey. “My favorite was the ponytail, the braid.”


Celebrity hair guru Kim Kimble, who frequently works with Beyonce, headed up the film’s hair department. For the film she turned Lady O into a blonde, Reese into a red head and gave Kaling fab braided locks. “They were like [hair] sculptures,” said Kaling who plays Mrs. Who.

So how long did it take to get these ladies out of this world ready? “Hours,” joked Winfrey and Reese in unison.

To be exact, the ladies were in hair and make-up 3-5 hours daily as lead hairstylist Kim Kimble and make-up artists LaLette Littlejohn and Derrick Rutledge got them camera ready. “I think Kim and the team worked for days before, sculpting and making it right,” added Winfrey who plays Mrs. Which.

Derrick Rutledge, Winfrey’s personal makeup artist who also worked on the film, designed rhinestone eyebrows for each Mrs. Which ensemble. Meanwhile costume designer Paco Delgado drew from volcano explosions and depictions of galaxies to create costumes that made Winfrey shimmer and appear larger than life.

In the Disney big screen adaption, the three celestial beings – Mrs. Which, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Whatsit lead 13-year-old Meg (Storm Reid) and others on a journey to rescue the girl’s scientist father (Chris Pine) from evil otherworldly forces.

It’s better seen than simply described, so be sure to check out A Wrinkle In Time in theaters now!

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