T.I. Shoots Super Awkward “Fo’ Shizzle” Video With Atlanta Hawks CEO

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Today T.I. released his latest album, “Paperwork” but he is still making news for his very awkward promo with Atlanta Hawks CEO, Stevie Koonin.

In the video, T.I. stands next to Koonin and lets fans know that he will be performing on November 1st at the Hawks first home game of the season.

“Hustle Gang is gonna be there,” Stevie says. “For sho,” T.I. agrees. But Stevie kicks it up a notch by proudly pointing at the camera and saying, “Fo’ Shizzle!” Upon hearing Koonin’s ad-lib, a priceless quick look of disbelief hits T.I.’s face.

Stevie must have been oblivious to T.I.’s reaction because shortly the video was uploaded, his Twitter account posted the following tweet:

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 12.47.56 PM

Click on the arrow below to see T.I.’s awkward promo.

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