Straight Flossin: 2 Chainz Tries The Worlds Most Expensive Toothbrush

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2 Chainz just put his money where his mouth is.

In the latest episode of GQ‘s “World’s Most Expensivest Sh*t,” hosted by rapper 2 Chainz, the “Hair Weave Killa” meets up with Dr. Debra for a test trail of the world’s most expensive toothbrush. Usually an expensive toothbrush ranges from $60-$120, but the Reinast luxury toothbrush that 2 Chainz is introduced to is priced at a whopping, “Five thousand motherf–kin’ dollars,” in his own words.

A 5k toothbrush is probably the cheapest thing the rapper has tested out on his show. Recent other products include a $25,000 hat, a suit that costs more than a car, and a hotel night that includes a Maybach rental.

Click on the arrow below to watch 2 Chainz and the world’s “most expensivest” toothbrush.

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