Snoop Dogg Takes Iggy Azalea Drama To Another Level And Calls Her A “C*nt”

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When is it going to end?!

After two days of going back and forth with Iggy Azalea via social media, Snoop Dogg took another offensive and derogatory jab at the “Fancy” rapper by calling her a “b*tch” and a “c*nt.”

“Say b*tch, you f*ckin with the wrong n*gga and your n*gga better check you before I do,” Snoop said in a video posted on Instagram. “You funky b*tch. Yeah you. F*ckin c*nt.”


Last one until she speak now shut da Fuc up ub*tchu.

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The video surfaced after Iggy posted an image of Snoop with the caption: “When your drug addict aunt gets clean.” Given the situation, Iggy responded to the harsh words as classy as possible in a series of tweets. Click to the next page to see her responses.

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