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Phaedra Parks Legally Preparing To End Marriage To Apollo Nida



It’s confirmed, Phaedra Parks is preparing to pull the trigger and end her marriage of five years to Apollo Nida.

Park’s rep, Steve Honig tells E! News exclusively that The Real Housewives of Atlanta star “has retained an attorney with the intent of amicably ending her marriage.”

Last month, Nida started his eight year sentence in Kentucky after being convicted of bank fraud. Prior to Apollo’s sentence, the reality star slammed his wife during an interview with Atlanta’s Be100 radio station, immediately leading people to believe that their union was definitely going down in flames.

When asked if his marriage would stand strong during his time in prison, he responded “doubt it. I mean, my wife didn’t even f—king show up for my sentencing. I’m still salty about that.”

In the trailer for RHOA’s seventh season, some issues regarding the duo’s marriage come to light. In the clip, Apollo accuses Phaedra of having an affair plus, we see the jailbird verbally attack his wife.

Tune in for the season premiere of the hit Bravo show November 9 at 8 p.m.


Snoop Dogg Goes After Trump Again Over National Anthem Controversy



Earlier this year, Snoop Dogg blasted trump by shooting a clown parody of president of the president with a toy gun in the music video for “Lavender (Nightfall Remix).” Now, the rapper is taking aim again, but in a much more subtle way.

As fans anticipate the release of the rapper’s upcoming album, “Make America Crip Again,” folks are getting a little teaser from the title track.

Audio was released from the song and on it, Snoop tackles Colin Kaepernick and the current controversial National Anthem controversy. “The president said he wants to make America great again. Fuck that shit, we gon’ make America Crip again,” he raps.

During an interview on CNN, the rapper explained, “Certain people feel like we should make America ‘great again,’ but that time they’re referring to always takes me back to separation and segregation, so I’d rather make America Crip again.'”

He added, “What I mean by that is, in my lifetime, that’s when young black men in impoverished areas organized to help their communities and to take care of their own because society basically left them for dead.”

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